Life Art A La Carte is an online classroom full of creative art+life workshops designed to make life make our hearts feel make our days go help us to become even better versions of who we already are.

Do you have a few hours to be artsy and introspective? There will be workshops for you that you can complete in just a few hours.

Are you ready to dig deep for several weeks and make big shifts through art and journaling....but you just need to be guided through the process, week-by-week with structured curriculum? There will be  workshops for this, too!

You will find an incredible selection of oh-so-fabulous new classes, with new ones popping up as soon as they are ready......from incredible little mini-workshops to lengthy and beautiful weeks-long will find something to love in the Life Art A La Carte classroom.

Life Art A La Carte, by Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club, is coming soon!

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Our Soul Restoration online classes have been incredibly life-changing for women all over the world. But they require a big commitment of time and effort...weeks and months of commitment!  We hope you make time to take Soul Restoration 1 and Soul Restoration 2.

But sometime you might want a class that you can finish in an evening or a weekend. You might want something fun and artsy, or you might want something that will help you work through a specific issue or problem. You might even want something that you can do with your kids.

Our upcoming A La Carte classes will let you choose from an entire library of fun, interesting, introspective, artsy, meaningful online classes!

Now you get to choose how much time you have get artsy and introspective, how much time you can spend, and what you want to do with that time!

We are SO EXCITED to have this wonderful new online classroom, a gathering and learning place, to spend even more time with you as we all utilize the fun and effectiveness of art and creativity to design the lives we truly want to live. Sign up for our Life Art A La Carte mailing list here!

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