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Brave Girl Camp 2013

Brave Girl Camp

It's the most amazing, life-changing, impossible-to-describe experience you can imagine! Join us at Melody's home and art studio along with the Brave Girl team and let us pamper you and give you an experience that surpasses any expectations. Just ask the girls who have come to camp before! Most of our 2013 dates are now full, but we have a few openings in May and June. If you're new and you've never heard of Brave Girl Camp before, check it out! It might be just the thing you and your beautiful soul need.

May 7-11
June 18-22

All about Brave Girl Camp


Art School: Wing Sessions
Check out some of the BEAUTIFUL art the braves who are in Melody's WINGS class are creating already, and we're just getting started!! (Click here to see) Come join the FUN!

Details Here | Register Here | See what the class is all about in this short video:


Check out this blog post to see TONS of  photos of the techniques, tricks, crazy-creative ideas, and projects you'll be learning. Melody is holding NOTHING back on this class -- so hold on to your seat! We're going to make the most beautiful things!!


brave girls club - book of daily truthsA Little Bird Told Me
30 days of beautiful words and beautiful art for your beautiful soul

A gorgeously illustrated collector gift book. Order here

This stunning book is a collection of Melody Ross's beloved Little Bird daily truth messages, lovingly compiled into a beautiful collectable book to keep by your bedside table or to gift to anyone you love. Each page is an original work of art that displays a message of truth to YOU from 'a little bird' representing the source of all sweet, healing, beautiful truth. This collectible book will become a timeless treasure that you will return to again and again. 140 full color, heavy pages of healing, soulful art and words for Brave Girls of all ages.

Our Little Bird messages (sent as a daily free gift by email since 2009) have become an important, treasured part of each day for thousands and thousands of women from all over the world. With this edition (Volume 1) we have begun the task of creating a beautiful collection of those truths, bound together in one place to be turned to again and again. More volumes will be added regularly, making this a growing collection of life-changing goodness that will deserve a special place on your bookshelf.

Brave Girl Camp
2013 details, dates and registration HERE.

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This is a crazy world that forces confusing lies upon us every day -- lies about what is most important, who we are, who we can become, what we can accomplish, our value, our potential, our worth, what makes our lives meaningful, how & where we can find true happiness, and on and on.

So we've decided to wage our own little war against those lies by sending our brave friends a daily truth. Think of it as a little bird
delivering your truth -- and imagine that this truth-teller is someone who loves you and understands you completely.

Our daily emails are a free gift that is sent most weekdays, Monday through Friday, with all our love and wishes for everything joyful and brave and true.

melody and kathy


Winner! Valentine Giveaway #2: Congratulations to Carmen Zaleski! (read post here)
Success and the beautiful little things
(read post here)
Congrats to our winner, Karlene Boss! We're sending her this beautiful pair of hand-made finger-less gloves with a stitched wool heart-wing patch to keep her hands toasty the rest of this winter! Valentine's Giveaway #2 is coming Tuesday. Be ready to enter by telling us your favorite loooooove song. :)
(read post here)
Oh my my my...our online courses are so much fun. Our WINGS SESSIONS of art school is just wrapping up the first week...and I wish every single person I know was signed up because everyone is having so much fun and making such huge strides in only one week of lessons. We have learned to draw many different kinds of birds, from simple and whimsical to more realistic...and then to paint birds, and then to collage birds. Coming up in the second set of lessons, we will be stitching, embroidering, sculpting and carving birds. There is SO MUCH CONTENT in these art school workshops that you get your money’s worth in the first week. PLEASE LOOK INTO IT. YOU WILL LOVE IT, promise!!! (read post here)
Who Loves To Stitch?Who Wants To Learn? Who Wants To Win THESE!?!?
(read post here)
Before I tell you about Manila, something happened tonight in a bookstore
(read post here)

A Little Butterfly Told Me, especially for all of the young Brave Girls of the world

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Every day we feature a different songbird and artist on our emails and want to invite all our Brave Girl friends to participate! If you have original artwork of any songbird that you'd be willing to share, please email us a high res photo along with your name and where you're from, along with your photo (if you don't mind) and a link to your blog or website so we can feature you as our 'little birdie artist of the day'! The images that work best are those that feature a single songbird that is clearly visible from the background. The finished images we use are 180 pixels wide but, we are happy to crop and resize as needed.

We are happy to report that we have received a LOT of birdie art and we LOVE IT! We encourage you to keeping sending them as these daily emails go through a lot of birdies! We make our selection completely by random drawing each day.

THANK YOU for sharing your talents through your beautiful artwork. Brave Girls are awesome!!!

A message from your friends at the Brave Girls Club - www.bravegirlsclub.com

Plain text version for easy copy/pasting:

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Most things don't stay the same forever -- they just don't -- no matter how hard we try, no matter how much we resist change, no matter how much we wish we could keep things exactly as they are -- most things won't stay the same forever. This is a good thing!!! It really is!

Almost everything has a season. Every relationships goes through ups and downs and lots and lots of transitions. Every child grows up. Every flower is a bud and then a blossom and then it's done -- and more flowers grow later. Everything gets older every day -- every person learns more every day -- every life gets richer every day. People change, places change, jobs change, relationships change, fashions change, economics change.

Roll with the changes, incredible you. Cling tight to the things that don't change -- the truths in life that are solid and dependable -- and then roll with everything that does change. Change is what gets us where we need to be, what drives us to do things we wouldn't have done otherwise, and what helps us see things more clearly. Change wakes us up, keeps things exciting and makes us try harder. Change brings on appreciation for where we have been, makes us more careful about where we are going, and helps us weed out everything that is not good for our lives.

Change is good. Sometimes it's really scary, sometimes it's really uncomfortable -- but change is good.
Everything is going to be ok, it really is.

You are so loved.

(You are welcome to forward this message or repost it. Please include the link to our website at the bottom. Thanks!)

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